"Working Together for Ocean Beach"

OB Entryway Master Plan

current OBCDC project

The Ocean Beach Entryway Master Plan was started in 1997. A consultant team was retained by the OBCDC to develop a comprehensive master plan, for beautification and enhancement of the entryway to Ocean Beach. The goal was identification of an Entryway Master Plan which would respect the sense of place, identity, and diversity of the Ocean Beach Community.

Tree Planting

maintenance and watering

Nearly 250 trees grow along streets of OB with thanks to the help of local and regional volunteers and donors, including the Ocean Beach Town Council, San Diego People for Trees, Business Improvement District Council of San Diego, Urban Corps and many individual residents and local businesses.

Community Development Block Grant funds have helped with much of the planting costs. Most trees planted are from the list approved by the City Urban Forestry office, due to their minimally intrusive root growth and limited height growth patterns; including, Bradford Pear, New Zealand Christmas, Hong Kong Orchid and Raywood Ashe trees.


how you can help

Feel like making a difference in the Ocean Beach community? Your time is a great asset to the OBCDC. Our board meets monthly and the meetings are open to the public. We value input from the community highly in our decision making process.

We also periodically host community clean-ups and beautification projects. These events are a great way to meet some fellow Obecians, as well as help improve our community. Feel free to come out and join us in taking responsibility for our neighborhood.

Interested in volunteering? Contact us with our message form or call our office at (619) 224-1648.